Investing for Mission | Mitigating Climate Change
Investing for Mission | Mitigating Climate Change

Empowering Your Mission

SouthCol helps mission-based institutions succeed as stewards and fiduciaries. Working alongside governing investment committees and with a clearly articulated governance process, SouthCol is focused on building mission-aligned investment portfolios with the intent to fund and amplify mission and help fiduciaries quantify and communicate their success.

We believe that successful mission-driven investing and stewardship requires careful planning and attention in three key areas:

Investment committees are stewards and have a stated legal duty to act in the best interests of their constituents. Effective stewardship is rooted in the implementation of substantiated and prudent governance and fiduciary practices. We provide investment committees with a disciplined fiduciary process that represents best practices in stewardship and fiduciary governance.

We craft thoughtfully constructed and broadly diversified portfolios that seek to provide competitive returns from investments that both align with and promote institutional mission. This is accomplished by directing investments to companies whose practices align with the institution’s social goals and excluding companies whose practices do not align. We call this Empowering Portfolios.

Our commitment to accountability goes beyond traditional financial performance reports. We provide investment committees with a variety of tools to share with their boards and stakeholders, including a summary of fiduciary objectives and programs and impact reports that measure how the investments align with the mission.

The Beliefs That Drive Us

  • Fiduciary processes are the foundation of effective stewardship.
  • Portfolios must be appropriately invested with a duty to fund and amplify mission.
  • Measurement, accountability, and communications with stakeholders are critical to effective long-term stewardship and growth.

Our Firm and Guiding Principles

We are driven to make a positive difference in the world and in the lives of others.